Our After-School Program Themes


NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers

NASA and Mad Science collaborate to educate the next generation! Children go on a voyage of discovery with unique hands-on activities, and amazing demonstrations that explore the sun and stars, space technology, rocket science, the atmosphere, planets and moons, and more!


Crazy Chemworks

Welcome to the world of chemistry! Children make gooey slime, experiment with different reactions and learn to use the tools that chemists use. Polymers and catalysts are only two of the fascinating concepts young scientists explore in this thrilling trip through the chemistry lab!


The Wonders of Science

Come discover the science of our world. Students will learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up reactive ingredients for sensational and sometimes explosive results! Using inquiry-based discovery methods, instructor demonstrations, hands-on activities, and amazing take-home projects, children will be exposed to a variety of scientific areas.


Phantastic Physics

Join us as we explore the forces of our world and learn about the foundational blocks of physics. Inertia, Gravity, and Potential & Kinetic Energy are just some of the key concepts kids will experiment with. Learn the science behind motion photography, observe how the four forces of flight keep airplanes in the air, create your own air blaster, and much much more in Phantastic Physics


Spy Academy

Experience the science of discovering evidence, detecting the truth, and cracking encrypted messages. Students will create, collect, and analyze evidence and discover what skills are necessary as a crime scene investigator. Kids will learn how the pros do it through careful observation and techniques, and build their own collection of Secret Agent tools by collecting all the take homes.


System 5

Kids find out how science is at work in the world around them! They learn about the animal kingdom, both on land and under the sea. They make mixtures and explore the science of motion and energy. They also discover the technology that powers our modern world and keeps us connected.


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